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tutorial : how to change your icons : mac

difficulty rating: ????? for once I thought I’d post something useful. fyi, I am on a mac, running OS X version 10.5.8, aka leopard. as far as I know, this works on all versions of mac operating systems. I’m too … Continue reading

25. November 2009 by arleigh
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empty box, full marriage

there’s something that happens in a long-term relationship that’s hard to explain. it’s the having-fun-but-pretending-to-be-cranky thing. it’s very subtle. you could never manufacture it. it has to grow and develop spontaneously. we’ve been together 15 years. the empty cracker boxes … Continue reading

22. November 2009 by arleigh
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what the hell was I thinking?

parenting. something I pretend to know a lot about. but in fact I’m scared to death. Continue reading

17. November 2009 by arleigh
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