patchwork repurposed t shirt dress


I like bright colors and patterns, preferably clashing and/or whimsical. and I love the way little girls dress.

I’ve been browsing the internet for ideas. here are a few:

upcycled shirt recycled t-shirt shirt

after absorbing all this inspiration, I grabbed a bunch of shirts and made this dress. I used another dress I like for its approximate measurements.

yes, I know I have gigantic arms.

the blue tie dye ganesh shirt is from my son’s yoga camp. I used it for the torso region and the bell bottom flares on the sides. I was going to make a tunic but I decided to make this skirt length instead. no idea why—I’m not much of a dress wearer. but this one is so incredibly soft, I’ll probably be wearing it a lot. I’m a terrible seamstress. so I sewed the crap out of certain areas to make sure they hold, the same way my husband uses duct tape to fix things.

the horizontal strips of fabric have the seam on the outside, so they’ll roll up (flashdance-style?) after I wash the shirt. I used red thread on the seams that show, because I thought that would be fun.

I created my own hem on the bell bottom flares. my favorite part. here is a close up.

if I could have do-overs, I’d bring that bosom section down a bit, hem the entire bottom piece, and plan the design out a bit more. I also wish it had a little pocket for my cell phone. next time, for sure.


21. July 2012 by arleigh
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  1. Hey! I love this!!!! *inspired*

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