how to make improvements.

How to make improvements—a lesson I learned from my dad, indirectly.

Once upon a time, I must have been marveling at my dad’s “hi-fi” setup. And that’s when he told me his Big Secret.

He’s a well-educated guy, so he must know a thing or two. But you should see his sound system. It’s ::mwah:: (insert cliché Italian kissing finger gesture that probably has a name). Unfortunately he only listens to jazz or classical, which includes opera…::gag::… but anyway, I digress.

His logic is sound. There’s just no disputing it.

When you think about the areas of your life that are becoming unacceptably shabby or unsatisfying, the idea of a a Complete Overhaul seems boggling, and depressing, and unlikely. But when you find out the Big Secret, you’ll see how you can spiffy-up your life in a manageable and fairly easy way.

I have applied his wisdom to all aspects of my life, continuously improving my life in manageable increments.

It means a lot to me, and I want to share it with you.

Pay attention, now.

You might want to print it out.

Or pin it.

Here it comes.

Turn your volume up.


::deep breaths::

Periodically replace your oldest component with the best you can afford. ~arleigh's dad


21. September 2012 by arleigh
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  1. Great advice…we do it often and I have all the old components to prove it!!

  2. hmmmm…..

    and again…..

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