those ranty atheists

I sing along with Christmas songs, yet I am an atheist. I never questioned this, until someone questioned me about it.

So let’s back up a bit and look at other songs I like.

I sing along with songs about breaking up, even though I’m not breaking up with anyone. (No plans to, either.)

I sing about going to rehab, yet I’m only addicted to coffee. (Okay maybe Farmville a little bit too.)

I sing about yellow submarines, yet I have never lived in one.

I have belted out love for Krishna, whoever that is.

Songs about trucking. About cemeteries. Elderberry wine. Surfing. Riding a bike with no handlebars. Blue velvet. Pinball wizards.

One song about how to treat a woman makes me weep; it’s so beautiful. But learning how to treat a women isn’t really on my to-do list.

Get the idea? Stop asking atheists why they do whatever they do. They—We, like anyone else, enjoy that which is beautiful, heart-felt, and meaningful. You don’t need to agree explicitly or implicitly with a song’s lyrics to enjoy the song.

This goes for everything else. You don’t need to be Mexican to enjoy a tamale. Why can’t I have a tree and stockings on Christmas? Why can’t I say Merry Christmas? Is it reserved only for people who believe in Christ? That’s just silly. You’re being silly. Just stop.



23. December 2012 by arleigh
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  1. Good for you! I’m surprised people would ask about that. But now that you mention it, I’m gonna go listen to some Elton John!

  2. Well said, Arleigh. I cannot imagine anyone asking you why you celebrate Christmas. That is just sad. <3

    • And the TV people (one station in particular) act like atheists hate Christmas. Some might, but I don’t. Atheists aren’t an organized group which categorically does this or feels that. We don’t get together and vote. But I do know that many Americans like the idea of separate church and state, which is processed and regurgitated (by the same news org) as the War on Christmas.

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