it's a good day to get farked

another “corner of the internet” for mary kay. other titles I considered: go fark yourself, get farked, and what the fark…

have you heard of fark? it’s such a great site. each day, farkers link to funny, bizarre or strange news stories. (click the link on the left of the description for the news story.)

like this one: farmer insists performing tai chi in front of his cows makes them relaxed and produce higher quality milk.

another great thing about fark is the “photoshop this” gallery. once you’ve been hanging out on fark for a while, you start to see running jokes. that’s when you know you’re a real farker. (click the link on the right of the description to see the “photoshop this” images.)

like this one:

  farked image  

14. April 2008 by arleigh
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  1. I seriously LOLd at that photoshop job! Have a farkin’ good day! 😉

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