cherry creek arts festival 2013

…just the stuff I liked.

These are all cell phone photos and/or pulled from the artist’s blog.

Margaret Gordon


I bought this beautiful set of earrings from Margaret Gordon. I say “set” because they’re sold as 3 earrings, not pairs.

She told me she likes to keep her work affordable. These earrings were $35 for the set.

 Sarah Giannobile

Reminded me of Jean Michel Basquiat.

Sundie & Brad Ruppert

Vintage Sculpture


Alejandra Almuelle


Aaron Hequembourg

Carved Collage Assemblage Paintings

His work made me feel both sad and inspired. I liked Camellia best.

The colors on his website don’t do it justice. Here’s a bit more about him.

Alex Troughbet




The cow drawing might also be Alex Troughbet‘s.


Dolan Geiman

Collage & Assemblage

This was the first booth I saw when I entered the show. I enjoyed it very much.

I almost bought one of his panels. They are only $45.


Kreg Yingst

Music-inspired Woodblock Prints


Bryan Cunningham


James & Victoria Mullan

Anthony Hansen


 This was weird.

This artist had a sign up, saying that you should ask for permission before taking a photo. Hipocrite.
You think he got permission from General Mills, Disney, Black Cat, etc.?


Brick and mortar stores worth a visit:

Little coin purses at The Artisan Center.


The Caesar Salad at So Perfect Eats

Paper Source


Show of Hands Gallery


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