making a little folder for the back of your dori

making a little folder for the back of your dori to hold all your little bits and pieces.

how to make a little folder for the back of your dori to hold all your little bits and pieces.

i couldn’t think of another place to put this so i’m throwing it here onto my blog that I have neglected for 10 months. sheesh.

maybe you want to stick a couple things in the back of your standard size cocoa daisy dori. here is one idea for a diy folder.

you can do this with regular paper, thick paper, or cardstock. I prefer regular laser printer paper which is slightly thicker than regular printer paper but it won’t make your dori too bulky.

but for these images I grabbed a piece of cardstock—I hand-folded them without using one of those little folding tools, so excuse the raggedy folds.

anyway, you can eyeball this or you can use a ruler, but in any case, your paper should be 8 x 11.  important: you need to either cut off 1/2″ or fold it in because the dori is only 8.25″ tall and your little folder will stick out otherwise.

and yes I know I need a manicure.

1. first fold is 2″
2. second fold is 4″ (your final folder should be 4×8 or smaller)
3. next fold is 3″
4. that’s it for folding. I had another step here but its not necessary.
5. decide whether you’re going to use a sticky-outy tab or do what I do and punch a half circle.
6. then play around with it to figure out which parts you want to show and whether you want it to open in or open out. I chose to have mine open in. then my stuff won’t fall out.
7. close up the bottom of it. use something that won’t pop open. maybe even sew it. or staple it then cover the staples with pretty washi tape.
8. adhere it into the back cover of your dori. I used scotch tape just to quickly show you where it can be adhered.
9. see that there is more room for something on the back of it. maybe a good place for extra sticky notes.



cut your paper to 8×11 or 8×12


first fold 2″


next fold 4″


next fold 3″


maybe you want a little stick out tab like this — don’t stick it yet, wait until you decide how you’re going to fold it.


I like a little half circle opening, it looks more officey to me


this is what it looks like with all folded pieces going in.


this is what it looks like if I turn the whole thing inside out


just one piece folded back to reveal the B-side inside the folder


or turn just that little piece out like a B-side hem. you won’t have a little tab to adhere it into your dori this way, so you’ll have to get creative.


use that little 2″ piece off the back to adhere into the dori using whatever adhesive you like. easiest to staple, but staple from the back so the smooth part of the staple is on the outside of the dori. then you can washi over it if you want to get fancy. sorry that little blue line is an error in the photo.


I like mine facing in so the stuff doesn’t fall out. I used scotch tape just to show you, but you can use whatever you like.


don’t forget to close up the bottom with tape or staples or clips.


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