partridge ornaments

for 12 x 12 silhouette

I designed these to fit into a regular card-sized envelope (A2) 4.5 x 5.75”

there are three studio files: bird, bird wings, and bird body

studio files

(note: there are actually many more files because I just saved everything as I worked so if you want to go through my files and figure out your own cuts, here is the master directory )

I started out really complicated then ended up with just these three shapes.

“bird” has both wings and body and half of them are flipped, so if you’re using two-sided cardstock you’ll have both sides

or you can do body by itself then wings by itself. that’s how I did it, here we go:

  • at least one cardstock for the base
  • at least one two-sided patterned cardstock for the wings
  • adhesive – i used regular paper adhesive for everything except pop foam for the wing and glitter glue for the eye
  • regular scissors
  • deco scissors
  • seed beads
  • (at the time I am writing this, I plan to turn these into ornaments but I haven’t done it yet so I don’t have that step)

ok so cut the bird body like this (I used kraft cardstock but you could use two sided cardstock for this part too)

then cut the wings (two sided cardstock)

here’s my little stack of stuff, see how I have wings from both sides of the cardstock? that’s why I flipped some of the cuts.

how to tell if the wing fits. the round curved part goes down. see how it doesn’t fit the body (2nd image with the yellow wing)

ok so here’s what I ended up doing with the decorative scissors. cut a couple of the wings either along the border or at an angle in half.

and the neck, if you cut the neck once, you can put it over the top of another uncut piece.

like this:

or cut out a strip and let the bottom cardstock show through like this.

couple more ideas for a neck piece. you can use scraps or washi.

I wanted dimension so I attached the wing with small pop foam. here’s my little finished guy. now I’ll do the other side off camera.

for the eye I used glitter glue and a seed bead.

something I noticed but I didn’t do, you could bring up the wing like this. have it rotate at the bird’s “shoulder” (do birds have shoulders?)

here is my inspiration from pinterest


26. November 2017 by arleigh
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