I made my own approx 10.75″ long washi. It took me about 10 minutes.


  • a good printer
  • either full sheet paper stickers or full sheet clear stickers
  • scissors

here are amazon links for the sticker paper; I am not affiliated with amazon, and I don’t get anything for posting these links.
clear sticker:
paper sticker:

fill a page with whatever design you like. for my practice I did a black and pink pattern in strips.

I printed this image on the clear stickers and on the paper stickers.
my printer does not print watersafe ink, so it’s not waterproof. I suppose you could clear gesso over the page before cutting it into strips.

I cut them into strips and then tried them out over regular notebook paper to test their transparency.

clear stickers:

  • transparent where there is white in your design
  • somewhat transparent throughout
  • colors are much brighter!
  • black isn’t true black
  • the tape is shiny
  • it doesn’t tear like washi does
  • is more like scotch tape
  • doesn’t cut with decorative scissors

paper stickers:

  • not at all transparent, white in your design = white tape
  • bright colors are desaturated
  • black looks black
  • the tape is not shiny
  • it tears like washi but you can see the white paper core
  • is more like washi!
  • you can cut it with decorative scissors to create a fun edge

13. March 2020 by arleigh
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